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Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Community Build Logistics & Installations specialises in the national transportation, installation and storage of fragile, sensitive and/or outsized equipment for the IT, Telecommunications, Banking, Medical, Office, and Fitness industries.

As providers of one of the most comprehensive warehousing and distribution services available in Scotland for hi-tech equipment, we have earned a reputation for excellence in warehousing and distribution of critical, delicate, valuable and cumbersome goods with our final mile, 2 man delivery solutions.

Whether you need full specialist logistics solutions from collection to installation, or a single delivery, we have the fleet, the personnel, the facilities and technology to manage your job with unparalleled service, care and security, regardless of size, location or complexity.

Final Mile Delivery & Installation

We never stop at ‘just’ delivery.

Delivery is to the actual point of use rather than simply to the building where the equipment is to be located.

Our delivery crews are expert in delivering to awkward sites – they will project manage the assignment from beginning to end, overcoming tight staircases and difficult access points without damaging the fragile equipment in their charge. Utilising stair walking, stair climbing and stair lifting equipment, as well as cranes and hoists when required, Community Build has the resources and experience to overcome the most challenging locations.

Our transportation crews are expertly trained to use the latest moving equipment, such as robotic stair-walkers and cranes, to safely manoeuvre your equipment without disrupting its contents or components.

Their experience guarantees the smooth positioning of your fragile delivery, regardless of storey or space, to wherever you need your item placed.

Each member of the crew has many years’ experience unloading, moving, unpacking, installing and assembling complex, sensitive and valuable equipment. From PCs to photocopiers, ATMs to safes, medical equipment to electronics, they can handle every task.

In cases of unusual or exceptionally complex equipment, our in-house trainers and logistics technicians will work closely with you, facilitating intense training programmes and crew selection where necessary, to establish a comprehensive understanding of the management of your equipment.

Our experienced delivery crews offer you maximum support and minimum disruption in the installation of photocopiers, PCs and other equipment. They will:

  1. Unpack, site and install equipment, including carrying out tasks such as inserting toner cartridges into photocopiers.

  2. Perform tests to ensure equipment is functioning correctly, eliminating the need for an engineer to be on hand.

  3. Conduct on-site demonstration and training.

  4. Remove all packaging and redundant equipment.

  5. Dispose of any items in accordance with environmental and waste regulations.For example, the Community Build medical installation team are able to install a wide range of medical equipment including: MRI Scanners, CT Scanners, Hospital Beds, Hospital Baths, X-ray machines, Incubators, Mobile X-ray and Ultrasound machines

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