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Maturity Model

Organisations tend to adopt one of three approaches to diversity and inclusion work, as we detail in our books and thought leadership. These approaches are either compliance (Diversity 101), PR (Diversity 2.0) or genuine embedding in decision-making (Inclusion 3.0). We cover the range but focus at moving organisations towards 3.0 and real impact – and we’re helping to craft the future world of Inclusion 4.0.


Understand is about defining your why. It’s about understanding what D&I is, why it matters to your organisation, crafting a relevant business case and then relating that to existing challenges you are trying to tackle.


Lead is about leaders taking personal responsibility for their behaviours and understanding their own impact. We help empower people and their teams to deliver inclusive cultures.


Deliver is about actions. We help develop targeted interventions to change the specific aspects of the organisation that need focus, bringing a truly practical approach.


Diversity 101

The ‘101’, compliance-heavy approach to diversity and inclusion has been about attaining a minimum, not a maximum. It tackles legal requirements and may include gender or ethnicity quotas.


Diversity 2.0

The reputational or marketing-led approach sees organisations begin to ‘take a stand’ in visible ways.


Inclusion 3.0

Our partner organisations go further and work towards truly embedding inclusion in leadership behaviours. We call this approach ‘Inclusion 3.0’. 


Inclusion 4.0

Taking inclusion to the next level calls for system change. These organisations are radically changing work, embracing digital innovation, remote work, and dispersed workforces.

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